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TCPA Protect is your marketing compliance solution.

Your Marketing Compliance Solution

Our Mission

Our mission at TCPA Protect is to help you maximize your marketing ability without compromising customer protection. Marketing to customers who do not want your message is a waste of time and money. Our goal is to help you reach customers who want to hear from you while ensuring your marketing practices do not drive them away. A business cannot succeed without customers to market to, however, customers also have a right to privacy that should be respected. At TCPA Protect, we believe finding the balance between the two is essential to a healthy business-customer relationship.

At TCPA Protect, unwanted marketing is not a part of our business practices. Engaging with a customer during permissible business hours allows your business to make the right first impression and close the sale. An unwanted marketing interaction can turn a potential customer into a negative business impression.

TCPA Protect provides a blacklist service that allows you to market to the right customer and avoid customers who are on the National Do Not Call List. We are here to ensure your marketing message is delivered and received in a compliant manner.

Compliance is essential for success in any business, but navigating the compliance associated with TCPA laws can be challenging. Our expert team understands the marketing industry and will support you in avoiding costly situations a demand letter or litigation.

How does TCPA impact businesses?

Do you use an auto-dialing system, bulk SMS sending platform or any outbound marketing tools for your business? If so, it is essential for you to be aware of TCPA.The Telephone Customer Protection Act was established to protect customers. TCPA helps customers avoid unwanted telemarketing call or SMS messages.

What happens when a business does not follow the rules associated with TCPA? As a business, you can face fines that could run into the millions of dollars, or face legal consequences which can last months or even years.

With the support of TCPA Protect, we can help you design your business marketing for success. You will never have to worry about violating the consumers rights with the support of our team. Our experts understand TCPA regulations inside and out and will use that knowledge to ensure your call center and marketing team engage with customers in the most compliant manner.

Business Marketing with Customer Protection.

Voice Compliance

Call centers are one of the biggest offenders notorious for disturbing customers who don't want to receive marketing calls. However, any business using outgoing calls must ensure they comply with TCPA and other legal regulations. However, this can be extremely difficult with rules and regulations when the rules and regulations are nearly endless and constantly changing. Unfortunately, excuses won't work when a customer files a claim against your business because you called at 7:59 AM, instead of waiting until 8:00 AM. At TCPA Protect, we are the support you need to ensure you are compliant while maintaining and growing your business-customer relationship.

Text Message (SMS) Compliance

SMS Marketing is an excellent tool that all businesses should utilize to optimize their communication. However, customers have rights when it comes to SMS communication from a business. Most businesses are unaware of things like content restrictions and appropriate communication methods especially with SMS messaging. TCPA Protect is here to support your marketing efforts via voice AND SMS.

Legal Support

At TCPA Protect, our goal is to help businesses protect customers while marketing to them in the most compliant manner. Unfortunately, some businesses realize the consequences of poor marketing tactics after the fact. It can only take one misdialed call for a disgruntled customer to file a TCPA compliant against you. Our legal team is here to support and protect your business in these situations. Our team offers a variety of legal services that will put your mind at ease.

Professional Team

Remaining compliant is an ongoing challenge. Businesses must remain vigilant to ensure customers are always protected. With TCPA Protect on your side, you can rest assured your business is compliant. Our professional team is here to support you. The best way to run a business is to ensure customers are protected first.

Protect your Customers