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The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) is fertile ground for serial TCPA litigators and class action lawsuits. The number of professional plaintiffs attempting to make a quick buck from telemarketing companies is rising by 1500 each month. The legal fees and class action compensation that businesses have to pay can run into millions of dollars sometimes. That’s all the more reason to consider using the services of a litigator cleaner before you launch your next advertising campaign over the phone. It’s software that compares your call sheet against the DNC Registry and a list of known TCPA litigators. The cleaning is a compliance solution that saves you from violations of the DNC list and serial plaintiffs using the SFCPA, FCRA, and the TCPA for monetary gains.

How Does The Litigator Cleaner Work?

We, at TCPA Protect, maintain a proprietary database that helps us detect DNC litigants in real-time. The cleaning works in a simple yet efficient way. It takes the list of phone numbers you plan on calling as part of your telemarketing campaign, compares it to the data sources, and removes all matches. Litigator cleaner works for DNC compliance, cell phones, and VoIP numbers. It makes no difference if you are a dialer in an outbound campaign or receiving inbound calls. The cleaning Litigator service is a cost-effective way to ensure compliance and save yourself from the FCC and civil court inquiries.

Does It Work?

There isn’t a hundred percent guarantee for anything in life. However, a good litigator cleaner comes close. The owners of just under 1% of the numbers on the DNC list file lawsuits in civil court. Nearly half of those, however, are serial plaintiffs. When you know who these people are, it would be much easier to avoid them. It’s safe to assume you’d be much better off using a litigator cleaner than not.

Why Should You Consider A TCPA Cleaning Litigator?

As an efficient defense against frivolous TCPA lawsuits, the cleaning Litigator is suitable for any company that takes contact center compliance seriously. The solution works marvelously for:

  • Landline and cell phone campaigns
  • Matching known litigators with your call sheet while conducting DNC cleaning to help you follow the TCPA rules
  • Conducting text messaging advertising 

What makes litigator cleaning so effective is that the data sets receive updates in real-time, often exclusively from court documents. It’s easy to integrate the process into your current TCPA and Do Not Call Registry procedures. Litigator cleaning doesn’t cost much either. Prices might vary depending on the scope of your campaign. Of course, the quote includes consideration of your company’s specific preferences as well. In any case, costs won’t be more than a few dollars a day. Compared to the millions of dollars of damages some telemarketers have to pay after a class-action lawsuit, it’s next to nothing. 

Are There Free Cleaning Litigators And Are There Risks To Using Them?

You have to be careful about any services advertised as free. There are such, and some of them do what they promise. The risks of using free cleaners are that you can easily fall victim to data theft. You may give access to sensitive company data and even personal information to someone you don’t want to have. The decision is up to you, but call TCPA Protect for a cheap, safe, and efficient cleaning service.