Voice Compliance

One of the main offenders of disturbing customers who don't want to receive marketing calls, and not necessarily on purpose, are call centers. However, any business that makes outgoing calls needs to ensure they comply with the TCPA. That is easier said than done when there are so many rules to follow. Unfortunately, that excuse won't work when a customer files a claim against your business because you called at 7:59 AM, instead of waiting until 8:00 AM. At TCPA Protect, we are the support you need to ensure you are compliant saving your business-consumer relationship.

Text Message (SMS) Compliance

SMS Marketing is an excellent marketing tool that all businesses should utilize to optimize their consumer communication. However, consumers have the same rightswhen it comes to SMS Communication from a business. Most businesses are unaware of things like content and appropriate communication methods especially with SMS messaging. TCPA Protect is here to support your marketing efforts via voice AND SMS.

Legal Support

At TCPA Protect, our goal is to help businesses protect consumers and market to them in the most compliant manner. Unfortunately, some businesses realize the consequences of poor marketing tactics after the fact. It can only take one misdialed call for a disgruntled consumer to file a TCPA complaint against you. Our legal team is here to support and protect your business in these situations. Our team offers a variety of legal services that will put your mind at ease.

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