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Your smartphone is probably a big part of your life. With that being the case, it’s best to be careful with whom you give access, though sometimes you can’t control it. A spam filter is the first line of defense against robocalls and other annoyances. Verizon Wireless, the largest carrier in the United States, has the thing you need. The Verizon Spam Filter App will help you limit unwanted calls that eat up your time and make you vulnerable to scams.

What’s The Verizon Spam Filter?

It’s an easy to use app that provides you with spam alerts on your phone screen. Spam filtering allows you to detect unwanted calls in real-time and even block them. You also have the opportunity to report spammers. In this way, you help Verizon improve the quality of the service they provide. There are extra features you can add to increase security further, such as creating a personal blocklist and assigning risk levels to different spam callers. Check My Verizon regularly for updates and further information about how the spam protection service works. It’s only natural to expect the technology to evolve, as it needs to adapt to the new ways scammers try to reach you.

Is The Call Filter App Free?

Verizon offers a free version of Call Filter. More or less, it has all the features you may hope for, including:

  • Screening of incoming calls
  • Sending spam numbers with a high risk-level directly to voicemail (block)
  • Report numbers to Verizon

You should be able to get rid of the majority of annoying callers with the free version of the spam filter. If you feel you need an additional layer of protection that the free spam filtering app can’t provide, there are premium options to consider.

Call Filter Plus

The Verizon call filter service has a paid version that will eliminate even the slightest possibility of robocalls and personal spam of any kind. In addition to the features of Spam Filter Free, the Plus version offers the following:

  • Caller Id for unknown numbers
  • custom block list for specific numbers you don’t want to hear from
  • custom spam list
  • view different risk levels next to the caller id – fraud, robocaller, or spam
  • You receive access to a database that allows you to check if a specific number is associated with spam calls

You won’t have to pay much to enjoy spam protection from Verizon. The free version of the Verizon app comes with every standard monthly plan from the operator. You’ll have to part with $2.99 extra a month for the Plus version. The benefit to cost ratio is well worth it, especially considering the increase in spam calls people all across the nation experience these days. 

How Do You Get Protection From Spam And Robocalls?

Call Filter Free and Call Filter Plus work with all Verizon devices on a standard monthly plan. You get the free version automatically when you purchase a standard monthly plan. Additionally, you get a 10-day trial of the Plus version. After the free service trial ends, you can decide to stay with the Plus version or revert back to the free version. Some smartphones might not be compatible with all features of the paid filter.

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What If You Don’t Own A Smartphone?

Verizon customers who like to kick it old-school and prefer not to rely on smartphone technology can still block spam calls. Verizon has developed a Call Filter Spam Block for devices that aren’t compatible with the Spam Filter Free and Spam Filter Plus features. Naturally, it’s a much simpler service, but it gets the job done. Incompatible devices include:

  • Wireless home phones and basic phones
  • Some Android devices that don’t come from Verizon
  • Google Experience devices such as Nexus, Google Pixels, and Red Hydrogen One, though alternatives are available through the Google Play store.

Verizon Spam Filter Compatible Devices

All smartphones, which come with a standard monthly plan, work with the spam protection software. Android phones that don’t have Advanced Calling might not work well with the Plus version. The same goes for Apple iPhones without the Cellular Options VoLTE working. If you’re able to turn on those functions manually, both Android phones and iPhones should work fine. Go to the app store of Verizon and download the filter now.

How Does Spam Filter Work?

Call Filter utilizes analytics and various databases in the detection of spam calls. Spoofing can’t escape it either. Note that Verizon isn’t able to guarantee you will never receive a spam call if you use their Call Filter service. However, you can help them improve the solution by reporting spam calls you do receive. The more comprehensive the database of spam callers, the better the protection you get.

Note that Call Filter uses mobile data. It’s necessary to show the caller id and picture on the screen of your Android phone. Don’t worry, though. The amount of data needed for such actions is less than what you use to open even the most uncomplicated webpage. Data isn’t necessary for iPhones because they don’t have the option to display pictures on the call screen.

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Will Spam Callers Know You Use The Verizon Spam Filter?

When the software detects an incoming call with potential spam, either of two things happens:

  1. The spammer goes straight to voicemail, or
  2. The caller hears a standard message telling them it’s impossible to reach the number at the moment.

They won’t be able to tell that you use a spam filter service. Verizon Wireless pays a great deal of attention to the privacy of its customers. Your rights and comfort are their top priority, and you can expect nothing to happen that will compromise those two things when using spam detection. Go to My Verizon to learn more about how the free version and the paid version of Call Filter work.

In Case Of A Mistake

No technology is perfect. There is a distinct possibility that legitimate callers may get caught in the spam filter from time to time. Those might include:

  • Telemarketers you’ve permitted to call you
  • Phone numbers from your contact list
  • Unknown callers using private numbers

Verizon Call Filter may label any of those as fraud, robocaller, or spam caller. If you think you can’t get in touch with someone you know, you may contact Verizon customer support to check the matter and fix the issue. 

Call Filter Plus has a feature called “personal allow list.” It’s a form of a white list for numbers you explicitly want to protect from the filter. If you want to make sure that these numbers can call you at any time, add them to your list. You may also want to check the personal block list on your device to make sure there aren’t any numbers that shouldn’t be there. The great thing about blocklists is that you can manage them any way you want without much effort.

In Conclusion

The Verizon Call Filter service is an efficient way to block robocalls, stop spammers and fraudsters from reaching you. It’s an additional level of defense against unwanted calls. The first layer is, of course, the National Do Not Call Registry. It’s under the management of the FCC and does a great job of stopping unwanted telemarketing calls. You should check the registry and add your number to it if you want to stop all telemarketing calls to your number. The No-Call List, however, works only with legitimate telemarketers. The Spam Filter options will protect you against criminals and work great at protecting your business numbers.

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